In AI Superpowers, Kai-fu Lee argues powerfully that because of these unprecedented developments in AI, dramatic changes will be happening much sooner than many of us expected. Indeed, as the US-Sino AI competition begins to heat up, Lee urges the US and China to both accept and to embrace the great responsibilities that come with significant technological power. Most experts already say that AI will have a devastating impact on blue-collar jobs. But Lee predicts that Chinese and American AI will have a strong impact on white-collar jobs as well. 

导读: 每天我们关注的信息多是人工智能领域的投融资行情、人工智能独角兽企业的动态、科技巨头对人工智能领域的布局、人工智能领域的技术研发情况等,很少静下来心来对人工智能产业链进行梳理,但是若要对人工

API 是一套用于构建软件程序的协议和工具。对于应用开发者而言,有了开放的 API,就可以直接调用其他公司做好的功能为我所用,这在很大程度上提升了工作效率。

This resource is designed primarily for beginner to intermediate data scientists or analysts who are interested in identifying and applying machine learning algorithms to address the problems of their interest.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to machine learning: Machine learning – subfield of computer science[1] (more particularly soft computing) that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence.[1] In 1959, Arthur Samuel defined machine learning as a "Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed".[2]

AWS Marketplace is an online store for software vendors to sell their software product bundles  to AWS customers. The AWS Marketplace currently features over 2,500 commercial products and over 65,000 community Amazon Machine Instances (AMI).